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Milo Manara
A famous Italian artist highly respected in both mainstream and erotic niche. Worked with Hugo Pratt and Federico Fellini. His the most well known erotic series Déclic (Click) started in 1983 and has finished with fourth chapter in 1998. His erotic books were published in U.S. by Eurotica of NBM Publishing, NYC.

Erich Von Gotha
Sophie's Perversions by Erich Von GothaThe author of several very famous extreme hardcore series like "Troubles of Janice", "Twenty" and "Very Special Prison". His books are published all over the world. U.S. editions can be found under the label of Priaprism Press of Last Gasp, San Francisco.

Horacio Altuna
A famous Argentinean artists (based in Spain now) best known worldwide by "El Loco Chavez" series which has been adapted for TV. Published in U.S. by Heavy Metal Magazine, NYC.

Hanz Kovacq
Princess Hilda by Hanz KovacqFrench master of fetish art, the author of mega-famous Princess Hilda Series. His books contain very extreme hardcore materials and therefore aren't widely published, however translated versions can be found on the web. There are definitely only 3 Hilda chapters - don't look for #4 as it doesn't exists, but make sure you also check Diane de Grand Lieu.

One more French artist that's known by very hard sex comics. As far as we know his books haven't been published in America so far. His narrating and drawing style are best represented in Vicious Circle, Thy Spy and The Secretary. All titles except Flora's Life are black and white.

Kevin Taylor
Girl by Kevin TaylorAn American, one of the most productive adult artists nowadays, published in both US (NBM) and EU (Kiss Comix). His most known series are Girl and Boy Blue.

Ignacio Noe
Great Argentinean artist known by very colorful high quality comics. The scripts are also always good too. Responsible for gems like Ship of Fools, Piano Tuner, Doctor I'm Too Big, The Miracle and many others. He did plenty of mainstream comic books as well.

Giovanna Casotto
Bitch in Heat by Giovanna CassotoItalian female adult artist, known by the fact that she her attractive image appears in all her comics. Publishes regularly in the erotic Selen magazine. The most notable series is Bitch in Heat, which has been published in U.S. by Priaprism Press.

Toni Greis
A younger adult artists from Germany, published before in underground magazines then moved forward to erotic graphics novels. His best known series is "Alraune".

Luka Tarlazzi
Vixxxen by Luka TarlazziItalian artist specialized in the erotic genre, also publisher (creator of Selen Magazine). Among the comic book collectors he's best known by legendary Vixxxen Series. Very high quality color artwork.

Dick Matena
Very established artists from Netherlands with long list of published works. As far the adult genre goes, he's most known by They Are So Nice softcore series.

Morale Stragmalia
Italian artist with very clean style. His adult comic serials are mostly produced in cooperation with script writer Tulli. The themes and scenes from their comics are often considered being too extreme.

Colorful artwork by FerociusChilean artist that produced numerous quality hardcore comic titles like College of Erotic Sciences, Kalimastro, Free As A Bird and Tender Ivory. His name is synonym for quality in this genre.

Giuseppe Manunta
Italian artists with very special pencilling and coloring style, most of his works can be found in the Selen Magazine and the best known series are Eros and Souvenir.

Paolo Serpieri
Italian artist best known by the Druuna, the most amazing science and erotic fiction series that has ever been made. Eight Drunna chapters were sold in more than a million copies in total.

Jordi Bayarri
Jordi Bayarri (Spain, 1972) is a comic artist author of some fantasy and science-fiction comics, and many other adult comic-books like MAGIA&ACERO (Magic&Steel), winner of the Best Erotic Comic-Book at FICOMIC 2002 (the most important comic convention in Spain). He's the creator and webmaster of ENCHANTAE ADULT COMICS, a high quality and exclusive adult comic online. He also works as illustrator for magazines and books.

Maris Comics
Invaders by Garvin of Maris ComicsCoalition of East European adult artists specialized in x-rated genre. Maris Comics produces comics for web use only and since debut in 2000 more than 100 titles have been published on various adult comic sites. The most notable series are Boyan's Sir Dickinson, Tony's Hard Work and Garvin's Invaders.

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